Neon Galaxy is a State of NV Non-Profit Corporation

Sci Fi Vegas is the Group for Neon Galaxy.

In addition to working on the only Fan-run general SF Con for Las Vegas, we are doing local events such as reviving the Monthly Sunday Socials and planning movie and restaurant outings around Las Vegas.

If you live in or near Las Vegas or if you ever visit "Sin City" please join us on one or more of our Social Media Groups so you will know about any event we put on our calendar and join us when you can.

It is with deep regret that we announce that it has become necessary for us to cancel GalaxyCon 2014.

We are considering our options and will be working toward the goal of getting our Con rescheduled in 2015.
Please check us out on our various Social Media and website outlets for any announcements.

While, ALL of our GoHs have been very supportive, changing our dates may require us to make some changes to our GoH List.

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Both the Neon Galaxy & GalaxyCon Logos, above, and all other original artwork on this website courtesy of our Artist GoH: Lubov, 
unless otherwise noted or signed. Banner above designed by Alan White
No need to choose between the Red & the Blue; take BOTH or ALL of the Following Social Media Options:

Events Include:
Dealer's Room
Art Show
Speaker's Panels
Role Playing Games (RPG)
A Media/Film Room


The Consuite is a Hospitality Suite, located on the 3rd floor of the hotel tower, available to all Convention Members. There will be snacks and soda available throughout the weekend. Comfortable living room furniture for relaxing and conversing with those around you, when you want to take a break from all the festivities available in the Convention Area.

ConChair: Woody Bernardi
Assist ConChair: Robby Nau

Hotel Liaison: Terry Wilsey
Treasurer: Janet Moorman
Secretary: Samira Bouakka
ConOps: Laurie Kunkel
Program Ops: Lori Forbes
Art Show:
Dealer's Room:
PreReg: Lori Forbes 
At-Con Reg: Justin Riordon
Staff: Angel Schulte

Betty Hardin  
Guest Liaison: Robby Nau
RPG: Chris Clay

Filk: Elizabeth Burnham
Costuming: Ravyn Combs
Cosplay: Ravyn Combs
Consuite: Joe Bernardi
Staff: Eddie Vickers
Marketing: Alexis Dash
Social Media: Alexis Dash 
Publications: Laurie Kunkel